#SBS - Small Business Sunday Winner | Theo Paphitis

I launched my website www.classicbecca.com in September 2016 and have been working on new stock, marketing and design.

I had seen #SBS on Twitter which is a 2.5 hour slot on Sundays where you can tweet Theo Paphitis (Dragons Den, Rymans, Red Letter Days) with your pitch of your small business, to be in with a chance to win Small Business Sunday (#SBS). I had considered doing it the previous week but had missed the time slot, then Sunday 30th October I tweeted Theo Paphitis.

The next day I travelled to Manchester and forgot all about it, as I had no thoughts that I might win.

31st October at 8pm, I was charging my phone and a while later I looked at it, and it had exploded with tweets... why? I looked and instantly realised, I'd won (with 5 other people) Theo had retweeted my tweet and announced the winners. The tweets kept coming and coming with new followers and messages of congratulations. I was taken aback! I woke the next day and I had an email from the #SBS team with a link to set up my profile and get info and badges.

As I'm not at home, I have spent a day scrambling trying to sort business & website design work out on my phone, thank god for technology, eh?

I then ended the day with an hour on Twitter for #SBSwinnershour where this weeks winners and previous chatted business and networked.

So in conclusion. I'm proper cuffed!

Rebecca x

Be kind to Yourself & Others.

Autumn Pamper Time!

The nights are drawing in and that can mean only one thing, pamper and cosy time! I have a quick 10 day holiday to go on (brag alert) so will need to be dipping back into summer mode briefly but can't wait for coming out the other side when the candles, blankets and baths are a must! A few things I've made for my shop (and self) is my autumnal shower cap which I can't wait to use for my baths and when I stop washing my hair quite as frequently. 

Then there's the gorgeous hot water bottle cover which will keep me toasty on the cold nights and last but not least my eye mask to give me the best nights sleep so I wake up fresh and perky! (One can dream, which is what I will do as I am not a morning person). 

I'm really looking forward to kicking the crispy leaves underfoot and making butternut squash soup to take with me whilst I day dream on a cold walk. Every year I say I'll decorate the house outside with pumpkins and straw, maybe this is the year?? Does anybody else in the UK get involved in autumnal spirit? Besides the Halloween kind... which of course is when we all watch Hocus Pocus with hot chocolate, of course. 

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